Get to know Jubilee Baptist Church

Sunday Worship

We believe that God called us together as a faithful Congregation to worship Him, honor Him and share His mission of reconciliation and restoration. We see our calling to be in relationship to God, to fellow believers and to the world.

We respond with a joyful and vital worship, and with preaching, teaching and counseling that is biblically centered, intending to illuminate the meaning and purpose of our everyday living.

We will extend a friendly and loving welcome to all seekers and will build a network of relationships where the love of God is exhibited and mutual encouragement expressed so that "the body can build-up in love."

Jubilee Baptist Church is set forth in the New Testament in principles and policy, in doctrinal character and life. The Great Commission is the program and objectives.

Common Questions

We are of the conviction that the historical Jesus of Nazareth is none other that the "Son of God"; and, that He rose from the dead. We believe that faith in His death, burial and resurrection results in eternal life. This is our main focus and determination.
Jubilee Baptist Church is a church very focused on reaching people with the objective of making a difference in their lives. Whether that difference is deepening their God consciousness or just making ourselves available for a "people" connection.
Our vision is extensive. It contains a Christian school, senior assistant living, continuing adult education and planting churches with a vision similar to ours.