Women's Retreat

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"When God Rewrites Your Story"



We're excited to invite you to our 10th Annual Women's Retreat!

Sisters--no matter where you are, whatever age you may be or what might be going

on in your life we believe that God has something ordained just for you at this year's retreat.


The story of our lives is a good story. It is one we should read with joy and gladness.

Each of our individual stories are a reflection of the greater story of redemption

found in scripture.


Sometimes in life we forget that we aren't the authors of our own stories. We like to

pretend that we have complete control over how our lives turn out. God is the true

writer for each of our lives. With this in mind, the trials, hard times, losses and all the 

pain we encounter is all a part of his greater plan for us.


Join us to reflect and discover the power in putting the pencil down! Only He can

write the best-selling story of our lives.